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Follow the Guide Below To Start Your Bitcoin Adventure!

Some earn profits buying and selling. 

Some Hold Bitcoin (or other coins) longterm (“hodl”) hoping to become the next Bitcoin billionaire.

Some hope for a better world through investing in and supporting the Bitcoin movement. 

Bitcoin Is Changing The World – Get involved by following the guide below!



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  1. Sign up with 
  2. Obtain any amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoincash
  3. Send To Binance   
  4. Trade

Detailed Guide

“It was very easy to follow.

Simple instructions.

Felt safe about the process.

Liked the confirmation with the bank account.

Security seems good.

Like layout of site.

Easy to follow even for a new-comer.”

-V.C., 2018



 coinbase  testimonial 

 actual identity protected for privacy


To Sign up with coinbase, click this link —> 

– A Coinbase sign up page should open in a new tab at the top of your browser. It says, Jason has invited you to sign up so you both can get a bonus!  Fill in the form, complete the captcha, verify you are 18, read the user agreement and privacy policy. 

-Coinbase should send a link to your email (remember to check your spam folder……), click “Verify Email Address”.

Always check the address at the top of the site you arrive at (in this case, “”) , whenever you follow a link to a site – to avoid those pesky phishers.

-Choose Individual or Business. This guide is for individuals. 

-A phone number is required. I think it has to be a smart phone. In the future, when you sign in, Coinbase will send you a code via text. You need to enter the code to log in. This is an important extra step to keep your stuff safe from stealers. 

-Connect your bank account, debit card, or credit card to purchase and sell digital currency. 

-Upload an image of your ID or passport.

-After coinbase “verifies identity”,  enter the details of your preferred payment method.

-Coinbase will make deposits in your bank account. Find them, log into coinbase and enter how much the deposits were for. 


Buy Bitcoin

Click Buy or Sell

enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy or the dollar amount. 

Double check the amounts. Click buy.


When the transaction finalizes, you can keep the digital currency in your coin base, sell it, or send it to another address. 


If you want to trade cryptocurrencies then you need to send some or all of the currency you bought to an exchange like binance.

Make an account on binance:

Go to Binance    

– They need an email, phone number and password. 

-They will send you a text when you log in from a desktop or laptop.

-After your account is created, log in and go to “funds”, then “select deposit coin -down arrow.”

-Choose the coin you want to send from coinbase.

-For bitcoin, type “BTC” or scroll down to find it. Ethereum = ETH. Litecoin = LTC. Bitcoincash = BCH.

-Binance will give you a deposit key -a series of letters and numbers like this: 1H1NEmNHm4cduuuPsu2LWNEfvZ4Ur3yL58.

-Copy the key exactly.

-Open an new tab and go to coinbase. Choose accounts. Choose the account that has the coins you want to send. 

-Click “send.” Enter the exact deposit key that Binance gave you.

-Follow coinbases’ directions.

-Return to binance click funds and check balances and deposits. 

-Once the currency has arrived you can trade. 


Trading on Binance Guide – coming  soon!